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A reader asked, “How do I permanently change my view when I open documents? Meaning, when I open an attached document, it always opens in “reading layout” and I just like to see a normal piece of paper, not a book layout. I can’t figure out how to make that change to “normal” and stay that way!”

MS Word can be annoying by always opening email attachments in their Reading Layout.  This gives you a nice overview, but isn’t “comfortable” and doesn’t allow you to edit the document.  Follow the image guide above, or the steps below:

Word 2003:
1.  Click on the Tools menu and select Options
2.  Click on the General tab
3.  Uncheck “Allow starting in the Reading Layout”
4.  Hit OK

Word 2007:
1.  Click on the Office Button / “Orb” at the top left
2.  Click Word Options at the bottom
3.  Click Popular in the left column
4.  Uncheck “Open e-mail attachments in Full Screen Reading View”