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Windows XP SP3
A week or so ago, Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for Windows XP (SP3). It has been in beta for some time and now is available at www.windowsupdate.com. SP3 includes only a few new features but mostly focuses on security and is basically a compilation of previous updates.

Normally we encourage you to download all Microsoft Updates. SP3 is a major revision to Windows and is still quite new. I would recommend this update be performed down the road a bit. If you do pursue SP3 and have problems, of course we can help, or Microsoft has phone support available at no charge: (866) 234-6020 (or online contact:  http://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?ln=en-us&prid=11273&gprid=522131)

Windows Vista SP1
Microsoft began automatic distribution of Service Pack 1 for Vista on April 23rd. There are tons of updates and new features here: additional hardware compatibility, great looking updates to common functions within Vista, and general fixes, not to get specific. 😉 Better yet, I found a quote online from one that has already updated: “I have been testing it today and I think it’s worth doing… The benefits I’ve seen so far are an increase in speed, decrease in CPU cycling and my laptop seems to run cooler.” Sounds nice, I hope it works so well.

Like SP3 for XP, I’ll probably wait a month or two for the kinks to be worked out by someone else. Please also note that although both updates are official released, they may only be available on some computers as they slowly open the download.

Off topic, but time sensitive: Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for $59.95:
Students, educators, or per Microsoft, anyone with a .edu email address can purchase MS Office 2007 Ultimate for $59.95 between now and May 16, 2008. This isn’t a hoax… I’ve checked out. Ultimate includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Accounting Express, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Groove, and InfoPath. Ultimate edition is over $400, normally.
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