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Have you ever wanted to download and save a YouTube video to your computer?  Maybe for an iPod or other portable video player?

OPTION 1 (easy, but often a busy site):

  1. Visit http://www.keepvid.com/,  paste in the link to your YouTube video, click Download.
  2. Right click on the >> Download << link for mp4 – High Quality and click Save Link As.

OPTION 2 (more reliable):

  1. Free software, YouTube Downloader is easy: Download Now
  2. After install, run the application and paste the link to your YouTube video to download.
  3. Dot the second option to convert the video to a standard format for viewing.

Video:  I made a short video example.  Download and install the application first, then watch the example:

***  Click above image to ENLARGE  ****

*** UPDATE: Use savevid.com now for best results – download the MP4 version.


A reader asked, “How do I permanently change my view when I open documents? Meaning, when I open an attached document, it always opens in “reading layout” and I just like to see a normal piece of paper, not a book layout. I can’t figure out how to make that change to “normal” and stay that way!”

MS Word can be annoying by always opening email attachments in their Reading Layout.  This gives you a nice overview, but isn’t “comfortable” and doesn’t allow you to edit the document.  Follow the image guide above, or the steps below:

Word 2003:
1.  Click on the Tools menu and select Options
2.  Click on the General tab
3.  Uncheck “Allow starting in the Reading Layout”
4.  Hit OK

Word 2007:
1.  Click on the Office Button / “Orb” at the top left
2.  Click Word Options at the bottom
3.  Click Popular in the left column
4.  Uncheck “Open e-mail attachments in Full Screen Reading View”


2 Minute Video: To start, click here or on the above image.

This video is a basic introduction on how to search the Internet.

Summary: Use words just like you might ask anyone else:
•    “How large is a killer whale?
•    “How do you make Christmas bows video?
•    “Time in united kingdom

… want to learn more?  Previous tip:  How to Search the Internet


Learn how your vote is tallied and how the election process works:
4 minute video: www.commoncraft.com/election – By The CommonCraft Show

Or…. tired of hearing about politics?
Get free brewed coffee refills at Starbucks when you register your gift card online.

Vote responsibly. =)


Today we present a new style for Tips & Tricks.  This is an original video we created to demonstrate How to Print on Envelopes:

  1. Watch our short 2 minute video: How to Print on Envelopes (click here)
  2. Print or view the step-by-step textual guide
  3. Try it!  We welcome your feedback.  Or, if you try this tip and need help, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Basic Lessons in Plain English

October 2nd, 2008

The CommonCraft Show produced the neat video we watched earlier this week, how to search the Internet.  If you didn’t explore more of their videos, you’re really missing out.  Again, their unique approach really breaks things down into small, short bites.  Learning and applying are simple.

Here is a great introduction to “Blogs”:
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN2I1pWXjXI

Social networking:
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a_KF7TYKVc

See much more at www.commoncraft.com/show (scroll down).


If you’re anything like me, your inbox may actually be your todo list. Sadly enough, this isn’t an efficient way of processing your tasks. If you’re overwhelmed with emails, read on.

Merlin Mann gave a presentation for Google employees concerning getting things done (GTD) with email. I highly recommend this video for organizing your electronic life. At least see the first 15-20 minutes and you’ll get the gist. If you want to maximize your time, please watch this invaluable video:

His main site is at http://www.inboxzero.com/