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Contributed by Bo Layer


CustomGuide has a great resource for quick, easy to use reference sheets for popular programs such as MS Office,  Mac OS, Adobe products, and more.

Don’t miss out!  These are free PDFs you can download, save, and print. No signup required.

Download here: http://www.customguide.com/quick_references.htm


10 Things NOT to Do

February 28th, 2008

Here is a great article for general computer / Internet use. It describes several important things not to do.  I really like the list and encourage a thorough read by all:


Sending long links

February 12th, 2008

When trying to include a long link or URL (web address) in an email, often times the amount of letters will exceed the line and the link will sometimes not work for the recipient.

For example:

The above link can be replaced with a simple link like this:

This is a free service at www.tinyurl.com you can use each time you want to create a new short link! Just copy and paste your long link into tinyurl.com and it will generate the new.