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Remember the Milk - Example

I am forever in search of the perfect task management solution. I use Outlook mostly, but as it has become more important to share tasks with other people and also manage tasks on the go (mobile), I still look for more features.

About two week ago I tried Remember the Milk (RTM) and I’m real pleased with it.

RTM allows you to create tasks, set due dates, and manage them from any computer online. They have an iGoogle gadget to bring it all on to one screen. They give you a unique email address that you can send to from anywhere to quickly add new tasks for yourself. Get reminders via TXT/SMS to your cell. RTM syncs with everything, such as your cell (BlackBerry/iPhone/Windows Mobile), Twitter, Gmail, or even Outlook. You can use previously mentioned, Jott.com, to quickly dictate new tasks from your phone.

Most importantly for me, I’ve enjoyed sharing tasks with other people (hehe). Once they sign up for RTM, you can share, update, and complete tasks.

Signup for free at www.rememberthemilk.com


Time Management

April 9th, 2008

Time management has always been important to me.  I’m always trying to increase in knowledge and practice in this capacity of my own life.

I just learned of Randy Pausch from his speech on time management.  His story and life are inspirational. ABC News has a special tonight about him. Here is the synopsis:

The video I watched on time management is here:

More information about Randy can be found at:


Send reminders from your cell

February 18th, 2008

Want to send yourself a reminder? A note? An idea? Just dial Jott and leave yourself (or any contact) a message. This free speech to text service sends you an email with the transcribed text and a voice recording of your call. Easy.

Jott only takes a few moments to setup and is simple to use. I setup a speed dial button on my cell phone and use it every day, for 6 months or more now. It’s also safer than texting or writing things down while driving. New features include blogging, scheduling, and all sorts of links into existing web services (Yahoo, Google, Backpack, etc).

http://www.jott.com … Enjoy!