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One reader asks, “How much does it cost to run my computer? How can I minimize this expense?”

  • Scenario #1
    You leave your high end gaming computer on 24/7.   This comes in approximately $325/year.  Average computer on 24/7?  $145/year.
  • Scenario #2
    You have a new, energy saving, small laptop you only use 2 hours a day.   This could cost as little as $5 a year.  Average computer on 8 hours a day?  $93/year.
    Based on $.10 per kilowatt – current approximate price for residential in Greenwood, SC

That’s a pretty huge difference above.  These are of course, opposite extremes.  It depends on your computer, and your use.  And especially if you use power saving options.

A typical desktop computer uses about 65 to 250 watts. Add another 35 watts for a flat screen (LCD) and 80 watts for old school large monitor (CRT).  In sleep or standby mode?  Just 1-6 watts!

How to Reduce the Cost

  1. Use power saving modes (keep reading to learn how)
  2. Use an LCD monitor instead of CRT
  3. Turn off your computer when done for the day
  4. Use a power strip to turn off your computer and accessories with one click

How to Setup Power Saving Modes
Energy Start already has a good tutorial on this setup:

Or, just run the following scripts on your computer for automatic setting changes:



One reader asks, “Should I turn my computer off at night?  Would it save enough in the long run to justify? What about wearing out the switch?”

If you leave it on…

  1. Automatic updates will run when you’re not there
  2. Your backup can complete when files aren’t in use
  3. Virus scans are completed and don’t slow you down during normal use
  4. Your computer is ready to go when you are

If you turn it off…

  1. Save energy / expense
  2. Potentially safer (not connected to the Internet)

Switching a computer on and off every day versus leaving it on all the time is highly debatable, but I think most agree now days that with current technologies, it doesn’t make a difference either way anymore.

I use my computer a lot.  I want it on when I’m ready to use it.  I leave it on 24/7.  For others that may only use their computer once a day or every other day, stand by or off may be a better option.