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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

June 24th, 2008

As you advance your computer skills you will prefer less interaction with the mouse.  There are tons of shortcuts you can use on your keyboard to limit back and forth from keyboard to mouse.  So you can work more efficiently, here are a few shortcuts I use daily.

Spacebar – When browsing the web, use the space bar to go down a page

F2 – With a file selected use F2 to quickly rename it

PrtScr – This button will copy the entire screen.  Use the Edit menu and Paste the picture to an email or image editor for a fast screen shot

CTRL + C (hold the CTRL button and tap C) – Will copy text for you to paste elsewhere (text must be highlighted first)

CTRL + V – Pastes your copied text to the area you have selected

CTRL + F – Find text on a page

ALT + TAB – Cycle through your open programs

Windows Key + D – Minimizes all screens so you can see your desktop instantly

ALT + F4 – Closes the open window

Delete – Everyone uses backspace, but do you use the delete key? It does the same thing as backspace but from the left side of the cursor instead of the right. Try it!

Windows + L – Quickly lock your computer


Did you know you can create a desktop shortcut to make logging in to
frequently accessed computers a snap? Yes! It can really save some
time. One link, goes directly to your computer:

1. Login to your account.
2. Click Edit to the right of your computer.
3. Click Desktop Shortcut across the top.
4. Click the “here” link to create a favorite.

This will only create a favorite’s link. Right click and cut this
link. Move to your desktop with a right click, paste to get the