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Receive Faxes by Email

February 5th, 2009


Faxaway.com gives you a dedicated fax number to receive faxes.
When people send a fax, you receive it by email a few minutes later.  No software to download.  Not free, but only $1 per month for unlimited inbound faxes.

Faxaway doesn’t have an impressive website.  They don’t have many bells or whistles.  They do have a long history of reliable service.  You can also send faxes from your email using Faxaway (fees apply).  Just compose an email to 1_the_fax_number@faxaway.com (eg. 18645551212@faxaway.com).

Tip: Fax yourself documents using your Faxaway number to scan them to your computer.

Need more options?
Use previously mentioned MyFax.com:  I setup a Faxaway account for myself for private faxes.  However, for business, I use MyFax.com.  It boasts more options such as a great web portal to manage your account and view fax history.  Service starts a $10 per month so it isn’t cost effective for only a few faxes.


How to Minimize Clutter

June 17th, 2008

Take a picture of things you need save.  A receipt, a note, directions, another picture, etc.  Snap it, then throw it away.  Email the picture to yourself.

This might also work to reduce sentimental things you might collect.  Taking a picture can still retain the visual memory, without the actual item.  Use your camera to photograph the item, and then let it go.  This is a great way to really clean house.

I heard about this cleaning method a while back but it wasn’t until recently I put it into practice.  I don’t have my scanner (wow do I scan everything!) and my wallet was getting jammed with receipts and notes.  I use my camera phone to snap (or “scan”) and then toss the paper.  Easy!


Have you ever second guessed your antivirus software? Have you been concerned that spyware may be on your computer? We run utilities that protect us, but sometimes things still get through.

There is an online scanner available for free. You have to manually run it, but if you ever need a second opinion or you suspect problems with performance, give Trend Micro a try. It will give you a summary when done, and then resolve most issues right then!


Click the “Scan now. It’s Free” red link. Sometimes you then have to click “Start Scan” (DO NOT click “Get it FREE now”).


Paperless Office – Part I

March 13th, 2008

Step 1 – Scanning

Fujitsu makes a fast, self feeding scanner I just love.  While most scanners require several steps, this digitalizes documents into PDF with a single button. I started using this scanner about six months ago and can’t live without it. I scan everything: contracts, bank statements, letters, etc. Everything is scanned to PDF and then shredded.It really is as simple as this video shows:

We can order these or you can find them online pretty easy.  I have the ScanSnap S500 that is about $440 but they also have a smaller one, the S300 for about $275.  Both are double sided, self feeding, full color scanners.

I strongly suggest using this product. It is a great start to going paperless in your home or office.

More to come on this topic… It’s a favorite! 😉