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If we support your computer, you probably already know what LogMeIn is.  But do YOU use it? LogMeIn is a remote desktop application that allows you to login and access your computer from anywhere. Just like you were sitting in front of it.  Browse files, send email, use any application on your computer.  Best of all, it’s free!

From the office, access your home computer or visa versa.  Traveling?  Login to your computer from any Internet cafe.  Need to help a friend with their computer?  LogMeIn!  It now works on Macs and the iPhone.

Signup for a free account at www.logmein.com.  Just click the large green, “Download LogMeIn Free” button and follow the few simple steps.  It’s extremely simple, fast, and it’s secure.

LogMeIn is an invaluable product for us.  We use it daily.

They do have a subscription service available that allows remote printing, audio, file sharing, network services and more. Great company.