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Did you know Google Maps has several additional tools besides the basic map?  The Distance Measurement Tool allows you to pick points on a map and it will total the feet, miles, or meters between two or more points. I recently used this to see how far I was walking.

Of course this isn’t super accurate as elevation changes and doesn’t follow the road perfect, but will give you a general idea.  Alternatively, you could use Google Earth for more options.

Try it out…

  1. Visit www.google.com/maps
  2. Find your area on the map by searching or scrolling
  3. Click the My Maps link at the top
  4. Put a check in Distance Measurement Tool
  5. Start clicking away on the map

Explore other neat My Map options, like The Weather Channel (radar), GPS, Gas Prices, etc.  Pretty neat.

In the news…
Windows 7 Release Candidate to be available for download on May 5th!  This is just for those ambitions testers and not shipping in new computers until later this year, most likely.  Continue reading…