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Video Demo: Windows 7 is Ready

October 22nd, 2009

Windows 7 is available for purchase/install today.  I’m really excited – downloading my official copy right now.  All the reviews are highly positive for this new release.

Cali Lewis says Windows 7 is as great as Mac OS X and, “PC users finally have an OS that is a joy to use”.  Her review is says it best… watch now:


Contributed by Bo Layer


Some exciting things were announced yesterday at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference.   Here’s some highlights for you:

  • iPhone OS 3.0 should be available June 17th. It includes copy and paste, MMS, landscape keyboard in more apps, rent/purchase movies from your iPhone, tethering for Internet on your computer, and much more.  Conference notes… (tons of photos)  or see some new apps.
  • New iPhone 3GS: 3MP video camera, 20% better battery life, 2-3x faster processor, voice control, and much more!  Most likely available for purchase June 19th.  Conference notes… photo
  • Significantly reduced pricing for some iPhone models
  • MacBook Pros received upgrades and reduced pricing
  • Safari 4 out of beta. Available today for all platforms (Tiger, Leopard, Vista, XP)
  • OS X Snow Leopard, $29, received new features and improvements. Read more…