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Google lets you make free phone calls anywhere in the US or Canada for the rest of 2011. Works great!  All you need is a free Gmail account.

From Your Computer
Browse to Gmail and click, Call a Phone on the left side.  Obviously you need a mic and speakers but most laptops in the last few years have these built right in.


From Your iPod/iPhone
Of course you need an Internet connection and a compatible headset.  Then download free app Talkatone and signin to your Gmail account.

More details here.




Great service for…

  • Traveling
  • An extra line
  • No cell coverage
  • Anonymous calling (random caller id if you haven’t setup Google Voice)

Calls to other countries and after 2011 will be at discounted rates.


Google’s Latitude is finally available in the AppStore for iPhones. Latitude is a free tool for your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, or Windows to pinpoint your friends on Google Maps.  Watch the video, or see our previously mentioned article.



Mint.com says TV cables like HDMI for $250 produce the same quality as the ones for less than 10 bucksOverpriced HDMI Cables

Tour Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or others and find similar cables for $50+.  Next time you need cables, go to amazon.com and get what you need.

While we’re at it, Apple sells USB adapters for your wall or car for $30.  If you don’t need the pretty white one, again, just search amazon.com.  You’ll find some under a buck.

In the news…

Could this be the next iPhone!?  Nice!  Watch now!

Also, iPhone’s OS4 will be here this summer feature multi-tasking! I *might* get interested now. Continue reading…


Contributed by Bo Layer


Some exciting things were announced yesterday at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference.   Here’s some highlights for you:

  • iPhone OS 3.0 should be available June 17th. It includes copy and paste, MMS, landscape keyboard in more apps, rent/purchase movies from your iPhone, tethering for Internet on your computer, and much more.  Conference notes… (tons of photos)  or see some new apps.
  • New iPhone 3GS: 3MP video camera, 20% better battery life, 2-3x faster processor, voice control, and much more!  Most likely available for purchase June 19th.  Conference notes… photo
  • Significantly reduced pricing for some iPhone models
  • MacBook Pros received upgrades and reduced pricing
  • Safari 4 out of beta. Available today for all platforms (Tiger, Leopard, Vista, XP)
  • OS X Snow Leopard, $29, received new features and improvements. Read more…


You can now send and receive picture messages (MMS)!  ATT finally stepped up to the plate.  You do need a quick update:  Step by step guide with photos…