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Google’s Latitude is finally available in the AppStore for iPhones. Latitude is a free tool for your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, or Windows to pinpoint your friends on Google Maps.  Watch the video, or see our previously mentioned article.



Google Voice lets you customize and send a free personal phone call from Santa.  A treat for your younger one, or some laughs for an unsuspecting friend.  Enjoy! =)

Send a Call From Santa
(no signup or account required)


Google Voice is amazing. We’ve been using it for about 2 years now and not sure how to live without it.  You get one number to give out.  That number will ring any of your predefined other numbers.

Example 1: Let’s say you’re a real estate company.  At night you could call forward your main number to your Google Voice number.  It would then ring ALL your agents until the first one picked up.

Example 2: Let’s say your organization has an “on call” doctor for emergencies.  Instead, use a Google Voice number that rings all doctors at once.

Of course you could simply use for personal use – your number rings your cell, work, house, etc.

Google Voice has been in a closed beta for years now (previously Grand Central).  Recently Google opened the doors to allow anyone to join.  However, you have to sign up for an invitation.  It then takes a few weeks or months to get OK’d by Google.  Best part? Google Voice is free!

Getting Started…
Watch the video or signup now.


Google just added new “Search Options” to help you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. To enable, click “Show options…” at the top left of any Google search page.

A few examples

  • Narrow results by reviews only
  • Show results only updated in the last 24 hours, or view a timeline
  • Show related topics

Share Documents Online

May 5th, 2009


Google Docs let’s you create files and share online instead of using MS Word or Excel.  This means everyone on your team is on the same page – live.

Rather than emailing a document, changing it, and re-sending it, simply post existing documents, or create new ones on Google Docs, for free.  Enter your colleague’s email addresses to share and work together.


  • Company financial information (can be set for ‘read only’) for easy distribution and updates
  • Employee directory
  • School activities

Getting Started

Q and A

Will I have to re-create my documents? No, you can upload your existing documents.

Do I have to upload all my documents?
If you want to, or just the ones you want to share.

So does this mean I see my own documents from any computer? Yes!

Is this secure? You specify only those which you want to share each document with.  Specify no one, or public.

Is this only for documents or spreadsheets? No, Google Docs also supports presentations (like Power Point), and you can use Google Calendar for sharing events too!

Our company is serious about online collaboration.  What are other, more complete solutions? Check out BaseCamp!

In the news…
Mac’s have been mostly free from viruses that plague Windows.  Unfortunately, Mac users will have to start taking these threats more seriously. Continue reading…


Google’s Voice Search makes searching the web simple. Even the most novice user can do this.  The above video is for the iPhone, but Voice Search is available for BlackBerry, Android, and many other web ready cell phones.  After install, speak your search and Google goes to work – easy!  A must have.

Ready? Visit www.google.com/mobile or browse from your phone to install.

Don’t have an Internet phone? You can still dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (learn more) for free 411.

Other search tricks by Google:
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In the news…
The Conficker Worm, that had everyone hyped up today really wasn’t that bad.  If you’re running updates and good anti-virus, protection is already there for most viruses.  However, this privacy invasion looks scary to me (continue reading).


The new Google Earth 5 is a must see. I typically only use Google Maps, as you don’t have to install anything, but the latest version includes some neat features that chair side travelers, as well as the small business could utilize:

  1. View changes of areas with historic images
  2. Travel under the sea. Watch associated videos through partners like National Geographic
  3. 3D tours include buildings, terrain, and even Mars
  4. Record your tour, narrate and share with friends

Google Earth: Learn more or download now

In the news…
iPhone update 3.0’s is scheduled for release this summer. It’s rumored to include copy and paste and Internet sharing (tethering). Continue reading…


Amazing Search Results

February 17th, 2009


Download www.cooliris.com (free) for amazing, visual search results in Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Cooliris takes searching the web to a full screen, almost 3D experience.
Pan through pages of images by moving your mouse.  I just can’t explain this one; you really need to see it for yourself.  Here’s how it works:

  1. After you install Cooliris, search Google or your favorite search site
  2. On Google, click the Images link across the top
  3. Mouse over any photo for a link at the bottom left to load up Cooliris

You can search many other sites, including YouTube, and Hulu to play their videos right inside Coolirs.  Please, check this out when you have time to spare.  🙂

Learn more or get started now:  www.cooliris.com


Google launched a new service called Google Latitude. You can use your computer on iGoogle’s page, or your smart phone (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc) to locate friends, family, employees, or anyone else that chooses to share their location with you.


Privacy concerns? A bit creepy some might say. However, each person you choose to share with has to accept your invitation. Even after that, at anytime you can turn location sharing on or off:

To learn more, check out the video above or visit the Google Latitude page.

Ready to try?
On your smartphone, visit www.google.com/mobile.


PC World has 15 great tips to smooth out your travels:  http://www.pcworld.com/article/154343/mobile_tech_tricks.html

Here’s an excerpt-  Save the Cost of a 411 Call:
“… Traditional 411 services charge you for every look-up. But now there’s an alternative: GOOG-411, a free 411 service from search giant Google. Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411, follow the automated voice prompts, and let GOOG-411’s voice recognition program take care of you for free.”

(If you don’t travel, and just need some fun, Turkey Day trivia, go here:  http://home.aristotle.net/Thanksgiving/trivia.asp)