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In-Flight WiFi and Cell Phones

September 18th, 2008

It looks like we may soon see more availability of wifi access on board US flights.  That, and the use of our cell phones for calls and SMS (txt messaging).

Delta recently announced its pursuit to provide wifi access on all domestic flights by next year.  Note, *all*.  Although many carriers have tested wifi on board already, they’re only scattered on specific flights or aircraft models.  Delta comes in around $10 per flight.  Others range from free to $30 per flight.

For the tech at heart, the article talks a bit about the technology used (ground to air!).  I’ve also read others are using a satellite type connection.

Now, do you really want the guy next to you yelling at his phone during your quiet time?  I think that’s the hot topic.


Do More with Google

May 29th, 2008

I sure talk about Google a lot.  Honestly, Google does a lot for me.  I am extremely happy with their services.  However, Google does a lot more than just provide great search results.  Here are some other useful things you can put in the search box:

• “What time is it in Chicago” – returns local time in Chicago
• “1Z9999W99999999999” – returns the UPS tracking information for that package. Also try FedEx, and USPS.
• “Delta flight 123” – returns the flight details and status
• “100 dollars in euro” – returns (not very much!) the euros you would receive for $100 USD
• “movies 29649” – returns showtimes in Greenwood, SC
• “expialidostious” – offers a link for you to click the correct spelling: expialidosious. I use Google as a spell checker all the time! 😉

You can mix and match these with the TXT service options from my last tip as well.  Here are many more examples from Google:  http://www.google.com/help/features.html