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The latest version of Firefox, 3.5, was released today.  Tons of new features and bug fixes: location awareness (if allowed), faster browsing, a privacy mode, and new video, audio, and HTML support, to name a few.

How to get Firefox 3.5
Download via Softpedia or Filehippo
At the time of writing, the release is official, but Firefox’s main download page hasn’t been updated just yet.

What is Firefox?
Well first, what is a browser?  A browser is an application that loads web pages.  You probably know Internet Explorer (IE), well that is a browser by Microsoft that comes with Windows.  Just because it came included, doesn’t mean it is the best option.  There are others… Netscape (gone), Safari, Chrome, and more.

Watch the video to see a short walk through of the new features.

Something extra…
Take better photos this 4th of July:
Fireworks Photography Tips. Or see also How to Be a Better Photographer When on Vacation


How to Use Just One Password

March 26th, 2009


Windows/Mac:  LastPass is a free tool that remembers all your website login passwords. Sound a bit scary?  You have to login to LastPass first with a “master password”, then it will log you in to all your sites.  Walk away for a few minutes and it can automatically log you out.

You might have sites you visit often such as news, banking, magazine subscriptions, etc.  LastPass gives you ONE password to remember and does the rest of the work for you.  Fewer clicks, less to remember, get more done! =)

Video:  LastPass Introduction

Download:  Try LastPass now (click Get lastpass)

In the news…
AVG, our preferred anti-virus application and free for home use, just released their newest version: download AVG 8.5 (use left link).


Your Computer Knows Where You Are

November 13th, 2008

New location-aware services, such as with maps on iPhones or BlackBerry’s, are moving to your computer.  Soon your computer will know where it is physically located and offer services based on this information.

A few examples might include…

  • Loading weather.com to see weather without having to enter city information
  • Finding coffee shops nearby
  • Exact driving directions from your from porch
  • Now, “They Know.”   😉

Right now the technology uses nearby wireless signals, not GPS.  But soon new options will be upon us.  Services will be built in to the next version of Firefox (3.1).  And Microsoft officially stated the next version of Windows will include geo-location tools.

I was skeptical.  So I tried installing pre-release extensions to make my web browser instantly locate me.  I was amazed!  I headed to Google Maps and clicked Current Position.  It zeroed right down on me in the very building I was in.  Google loaded a Street View and Flickr images for the area.  Nice.

Learn more?
You need Firefox + Greasemonkey + Geode:  http://labs.mozilla.com/2008/10/introducing-geode/