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How to Sync Two Computers

May 14th, 2009


Mac/Windows/Linux:  Dropbox syncs your files across two or more computers. This program makes it so easy!  Basically you have a “virtual” folder.  Anything you put in here is instantly copied to all the other computers.

Example: While traveling with your laptop, you make changes to a Word document.  When you get home, the document is there on your desktop computer with the updated changes.  No files to copy or wrong versions to worry about.

Don’t have your computer with you?  You can access all your files via Dropbox’s web interface anytime.  Need to send a large attachment?  You can share specific files with others via a direct link.

Dropbox helps your business send large files, synchronize remote workers, easy off-site backup, and recover deleted files.  This program is smart.

Watch the video tour: getdropbox.com/screencast

Getting Started
Visit getdropbox.com and click Download Dropbox. Choose Run to start the install.

Ready to sync to your second computer?  Just download and install there also and your ready!

Getting More…
Dropbox comes with 2GB of storage for free.  You can upgrade to 50GB for $9.99/mo or $99/yr.


What is this .xyz file?

April 14th, 2009


Sometimes you get a file you can’t open. We’re often asked to help open a file that doesn’t work, like the above screenshot.  Openwith.org answers that question and provides free alternative software you can use.

Learn more…
All files are named with a period and then a few letters thereafter.  This is called the file extension.  For example, a Word document is .doc.  An Excel spreadsheet is .xls.  These letters after the period define which program opens the file.  Pretty smart eh?  The problem comes in if you don’t have the application installed needed to open that file.  Use Openwith.org to find free software to open your files.

Openwith.org only features free options.  For complete searches, use filext.com.

Advanced user only….
Honestly, the extra step of having to choose to specify the application you want to use is annoying.  Here’s how to disable it (read the comments section for Vista instructions).

In the news…
The latest version of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 8, is now available for download.   I still highly prefer and recommend Firefox.  As does the rest of the world.


How to Send Large Attachments

September 23rd, 2008

It is difficult to send large files by email.  I’d suggest any files larger than 5MB or so should not be sent by email at all.

www.transferbigfiles.com allows you to upload large files to send on to friends or associates.   After you upload your file(s), they will send you and/or the recipient a link to download the file(s).  Note, the link is only valid for 5-10 days.

Step by step:

  1. Visit www.transferbigfiles.com
  2. Click Browse to select your file(s). For example, some photos, a ZIP file, PDF, etc.
  3. Type in the person’s email you want to send the files to.  You could send them back to yourself, just so you can obtain the link to include in your own email.
  4. Check the box if you agree with their terms and click Send It!

Note:  You’re really just looking for a link (like this: transferbigfiles.com/Get.aspx?id=bb9f4cab-07ec-4ce9-bd7c-7987654fa6a5 ).  You can include that link in an email, an instant message, etc to allow anyone to download your file.

If you send a lot of large files, they even have a Windows utility to make it easier.  Check out this video: http://transferbigfiles.com/media/usage_video_tbf/Default.aspx

Here are two other services that transfer large files:
www.sharebig.com – similar to transferbigfiles.com
www.yousendit.com – professional site that has many other paid options


Convert from one file type to another –
Have you ever had a .DOC file but didn’t have MS Word? Or a .TIFF file and not the right image program? Or a .WAV and need a .MP3? The list goes on. You Convert It  allows you to select  one file and it will convert to the type you need it in!

Send large files to someone –
Email is NOT the best way to send a large file (really, anything over 5-10MB). If you have a 100MB file and need to send it to someone, select the Send Files tab across the top of the site. Specify the email address to send to, and select your file. Send!

They have a few other neat features too, check it out … www.youconvertit.com