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Receive Faxes by Email

February 5th, 2009


Faxaway.com gives you a dedicated fax number to receive faxes.
When people send a fax, you receive it by email a few minutes later.  No software to download.  Not free, but only $1 per month for unlimited inbound faxes.

Faxaway doesn’t have an impressive website.  They don’t have many bells or whistles.  They do have a long history of reliable service.  You can also send faxes from your email using Faxaway (fees apply).  Just compose an email to 1_the_fax_number@faxaway.com (eg. 18645551212@faxaway.com).

Tip: Fax yourself documents using your Faxaway number to scan them to your computer.

Need more options?
Use previously mentioned MyFax.com:  I setup a Faxaway account for myself for private faxes.  However, for business, I use MyFax.com.  It boasts more options such as a great web portal to manage your account and view fax history.  Service starts a $10 per month so it isn’t cost effective for only a few faxes.


Electronic Faxes
There are alternative options to the traditional fax.  Myfax.com offers a service by which you receive your faxes via electronic documents.

When someone sends you a fax, it shows up in your email as a PDF.  Review faxes before printing (eg. spam) or archive.  Or, use their website to view your fax history (reprint, see fax numbers, etc).

You can also send faxes through your email.  Create an email, attach a document (PDF, Word, etc) and send to myfax.com! They will deliver the document to the specified fax telephone number.  You don’t even need a fax machine. Simple.

Their service does start at $10/mo, but well worth it! For example, we’ve call forwarded existing business fax lines to the new toll-free number for immediate transition to myfax.com. Permanent call forwarding of a line is much cheaper than paying for a dedicated fax line.  Ultimately, an overall savings, and a better product.
I’ve been using myfax.com for about a year now.  If you still have to fax, this service will increase efficiency and help keep the paper at bay. Learn more at www.myfax.com, reply to this email, or call us.