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You may know Adobe Acrobat as the program that opens your PDF files.  Did you know it is bloated and far slower than other tools that do the same and more?  We haven’t used Adobe Acrobat in years (what is a PDF anyway?).

Better alternative: Use free app, PDF-XChange, to open your PDF files.  Not only view, but fill in forms, add comments, and save or print features are all included. Learn more…

We previously recommended FoxIt.  It’s a bit faster, but doesn’t have all the features of PDF-XChange.

Convert PDFs to Word documents
Need a PDF converted to a Word document so you can edit, or copy the text?  Use free online app, PDF to Word.

Why so much about PDFs?
PDFs replace paper.  We print most documents to PDF, instead of real paper.  Learn how in our Paperless Office series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

In the news…
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Share Documents Online

May 5th, 2009


Google Docs let’s you create files and share online instead of using MS Word or Excel.  This means everyone on your team is on the same page – live.

Rather than emailing a document, changing it, and re-sending it, simply post existing documents, or create new ones on Google Docs, for free.  Enter your colleague’s email addresses to share and work together.


  • Company financial information (can be set for ‘read only’) for easy distribution and updates
  • Employee directory
  • School activities

Getting Started

Q and A

Will I have to re-create my documents? No, you can upload your existing documents.

Do I have to upload all my documents?
If you want to, or just the ones you want to share.

So does this mean I see my own documents from any computer? Yes!

Is this secure? You specify only those which you want to share each document with.  Specify no one, or public.

Is this only for documents or spreadsheets? No, Google Docs also supports presentations (like Power Point), and you can use Google Calendar for sharing events too!

Our company is serious about online collaboration.  What are other, more complete solutions? Check out BaseCamp!

In the news…
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Paperless Office – Part II

March 18th, 2008

Not Printing (conventionally)
Another way to reduce paper is to stop printing.  Instead, print to PDFs. The free application below installs itself as a printer in your computer. Any page you could print can be saved as a PDF, or electronic document.

It’s cheaper (no ink/paper), faster, and most importantly, future reference is easy. I print to PDF any receipts of things I buy online. In a few seconds I can bring up any of them, even from years ago.

I store my PDFs in a receipts folder I created in My Documents. I sort them chronologically and of course, name them to include lots of key words so I can find them easily. (Eg. Bank of America Biz CC – 1.1.08.pdf)

Print office documents, email messages, images, web pages, etc. to a PDF file. This application is a must-have.

Install & Use – 
Download directly at: http://www.cutepdf.com/download/CuteWriter.exe (from www.cutepdf.com). The install should be a simple Next, Next, Next, Finish. Then just choose File and Print, as you normally would, and choose CutePDF as the printer. You should quickly get a Save As box. Move to your My Documents folder, name it, and save it!


Paperless Office – Part I

March 13th, 2008

Step 1 – Scanning

Fujitsu makes a fast, self feeding scanner I just love.  While most scanners require several steps, this digitalizes documents into PDF with a single button. I started using this scanner about six months ago and can’t live without it. I scan everything: contracts, bank statements, letters, etc. Everything is scanned to PDF and then shredded.It really is as simple as this video shows:

We can order these or you can find them online pretty easy.  I have the ScanSnap S500 that is about $440 but they also have a smaller one, the S300 for about $275.  Both are double sided, self feeding, full color scanners.

I strongly suggest using this product. It is a great start to going paperless in your home or office.

More to come on this topic… It’s a favorite! 😉