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One reader asks, “Should I turn my computer off at night?  Would it save enough in the long run to justify? What about wearing out the switch?”

If you leave it on…

  1. Automatic updates will run when you’re not there
  2. Your backup can complete when files aren’t in use
  3. Virus scans are completed and don’t slow you down during normal use
  4. Your computer is ready to go when you are

If you turn it off…

  1. Save energy / expense
  2. Potentially safer (not connected to the Internet)

Switching a computer on and off every day versus leaving it on all the time is highly debatable, but I think most agree now days that with current technologies, it doesn’t make a difference either way anymore.

I use my computer a lot.  I want it on when I’m ready to use it.  I leave it on 24/7.  For others that may only use their computer once a day or every other day, stand by or off may be a better option.


Common Craft continues to push out awesome, simple to understand videos.  Here’s their Computer Hardware in Plain English. This three minute video explains the basics so any beginner can understand.

In the news…
Recycle old electronics:  Best Buy now accepts most all electronics for recycling.  Continue reading…


Reuse or Recycle

March 11th, 2008

A question we’re always asked is, “What do we do with our old computer?” The garbage certainly isn’t a wise option for the electronics we collect.

You can help…
A good customer of mine inspired me to pursue this question yesterday when she asked me about used computers. She is a Greenwood County school teacher (SC) and would like a computer to use in her class: “I need one to support PowerPoint projects for the class, online presentations and links, etc … It would become the property of the school so if someone has one to donate they can write it off as a donation and I can get a receipt for it.”

If anyone has an older, yet functional computer, that is able to run Windows XP, please contact us. DWZ will donate time for erasing all existing data and reinstalling Windows.

More ways to reuse or recycle…
Some major manufactures (Apple, Dell, HP, etc) offer free recycling on THEIR specific brands. Otherwise, Staples accepts electronics for $15/ea. To sum it up though, there are few places that offer free recycling. The EPA offers some great resources for donating and recycling old electronics:

Since customers frequently ask, we would like to officially help facilitate these local needs. If your non-profit organization is in need, or if you have a donation to make, please contact us. We’ll try to make the connections.

Important things to consider before passing on your equipment:
(Most importantly, don’t forget to properly erase important personal data. Special software is required.)


10 Things NOT to Do

February 28th, 2008

Here is a great article for general computer / Internet use. It describes several important things not to do.  I really like the list and encourage a thorough read by all: