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Share Documents Online

May 5th, 2009


Google Docs let’s you create files and share online instead of using MS Word or Excel.  This means everyone on your team is on the same page – live.

Rather than emailing a document, changing it, and re-sending it, simply post existing documents, or create new ones on Google Docs, for free.  Enter your colleague’s email addresses to share and work together.


  • Company financial information (can be set for ‘read only’) for easy distribution and updates
  • Employee directory
  • School activities

Getting Started

Q and A

Will I have to re-create my documents? No, you can upload your existing documents.

Do I have to upload all my documents?
If you want to, or just the ones you want to share.

So does this mean I see my own documents from any computer? Yes!

Is this secure? You specify only those which you want to share each document with.  Specify no one, or public.

Is this only for documents or spreadsheets? No, Google Docs also supports presentations (like Power Point), and you can use Google Calendar for sharing events too!

Our company is serious about online collaboration.  What are other, more complete solutions? Check out BaseCamp!

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