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Learn Most Languages Online

April 16th, 2009


Openculture.com has an excellent list of resources for learning foreign languages online.  Most include a link to the podcast, RSS, or download via MP3.  I always enjoy listening to educational audio while driving.  Add these to your iPod or MP3 player and enjoy!

Rosetta Stone is another great (fees apply) option.  My problem is though you can only use it on your computer (they have basic “audio companion” but that doesn’t work).  If you’re serious about learning, try these online resources but consider giving Rosetta Stone too.  Audio for the car, and Rosetta Stone for your computer.

Start now:  Free Foreign Language Lessons

Extra: Traveling?  Knowing even a little language of the country you’re about to visit goes a long with acceptance by the locals.

In the news…
Microsoft will release Office 2007’s update, SP2, on April 28th.  This should help with speed and reliability.  Also expected is print to PDF options built right in.  Continue reading…


Enable your photos to see this!

Weather you’re having a a gathering or simply want a soundtrack for your family’s celebrations, streaming Christmas carols and holiday music will add just the right touch.  Of course you can build your own play list of MP3s, or let the few songs of a CD loop or you can try the following:

  1. Visit http://www.last.fm/listen/globaltags/christmas to start popular holiday music playing live.
  2. Use a male-to-male stereo cable, like this one (can also purchase at Radio Shack or Office Max), to connect the audio out from your laptop to your home entertainment system or stereo.
  3. Ensure your laptop won’t go to sleep, turn it up and enjoy!

You could also use the stereo cable above with a MP3 player, or iPod (adapter may be required) to play music through a larger stereo.

Another site to stream holiday music is http://www.accuradio.com/holidays/ – You have a bit more control over your play list, but they have a small credits section between each song.