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Contributed by Kevin Collins


Microsoft has developed and now testing a free anti-virus application for Windows.  The name of this generous piece of software is “Microsoft Security Essentials”. Microsoft claims that this program was developed as a replacement for their subscription based anti-virus program known as “Live One Care” which was 49.95 per year.  If they can offer the protection, we may soon be free of annual subscription fees.


Security Essentials is currently in beta and full.  We’ll let you know as soon as its open again for download.

For more information on Microsoft Security Essentials check out Microsoft’s Blog Site or the Security Essentials site.

*UPDATE: Microsoft’s link is closed at the present but Security Essentials can be downloaded via Softpedia.

In the news…
The Air Force will train more unmanned aircraft pilots this year than fighter and bomber pilots combined.  Wow… technology to the the extreme.   Continue reading…


New AVG Free 8.0

May 8th, 2008

Windows Only

The popular free choice for virus protection, AVG, announced a new version recently:  (http://www.grisoft.com/us.93836). I just tested it out myself and it seems like a great upgrade.

Version 8 includes new features and a new, easier to use interface. It’s supposed to be faster, but its performance is questioned by some. I personally didn’t experience any additional delays after installing 8.0.  It includes anti-spyware built in, which is great for XP users.

Version 8 also includes “Link Scanner”, which I didn’t like at all. It checks each link as you browse the web. That’s too slow for me. In the options, you can disable this (I did).

AVG Free 8 can be downloaded from: http://tinyurl.com/4or34z  Or, if we routinely maintain your computer, we’ll probably upgrade you on our next visit.

The current version, 7.5 will NO LONGER receive updates after December 31, 2008.  You must upgrade before then.  This is a FREE upgrade, contrary to how AVG is presented when you visit their site. 😉