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Reverse Email Lookup

February 2nd, 2010

Spokeo.com is a reverse lookup for email. It just asks for one thing – the address.  Then, it crawls 40+ social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc, to gather all it can about that email address.  Often this includes, a full name, sex, city and state, marital status, and more… wow! (that’s in a good way, and a scary way)

Video: watch a news station’s review

Give it a try now (free): spokeo.com/email

Our Results
We found about 75%+ of the email addresses we tested came back with positive identifying and useful information.  About 25% included photos.  Most results are free.  If you subscribe you get links to the blog posts and Internet search results it finds – which, was even more useful.

Don’t want your dirty laundry out there?
Be careful what you post, or use anonymous accounts when testing new sites.  Use Spokeo on your own email address(s) to find out what might be more public than you desire.