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The latest version of Windows is just around the corner. Windows 7 will be available for purchase on October 22nd.

Microsoft offers a guarantee on new computers purchased near the release date of their latest operating system.  Probably around the end of June, new computers will include a free, or discounted upgrade to Windows 7.   If I were in the market, I’d wait until then to buy.

Have Windows Vista now and interested in upgrading to 7?  Rumors suggest upgrades may be as little as $50 – $100, depending on your version of Vista.

Why Windows 7?
Most reviews share high opinions of Microsoft’s latest operating system.  Faster, smaller, ready for touch screen and multi-touch interfaces, and tons of additional visual features, to name a few.

In the news…

Wow! This XBOX preview looks amazing!  Watch video… (keep watching for home use, not just games)