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  1. Skype is awesome. Traveling international?  Call home anytime for pennies.  The call quality is great.  You don’t need a webcam to just use for cheap voice calls around the world.  Learn more…
  2. Know your power options…

    • Road Trip: Power inverters convert your automobile’s cigarette lighter plug into a standard electrical outlet.  This can be very handy for keeping a laptop battery charged, cell phone, or DVD player (kids!).  A basic one can be purchased easily at a local store:  Wal-Mart link
    • International: Voltage and plug adapters vary between countries.  Know before you go!  If your appliance supports both 110V and 220V (see the power label), you only need an adapter, and not the whole clunky inverter!
  3. Get your voice mail. Traveling abroad makes it difficult to access your voice mail.  Use youmail.com (free) to a listen to your messages online.  Just turn off your phone, people are immediately directed to your voice mail, and then receive an email with the message.  (Use when home too – you can check as usual from your phone).  Learn more…
  4. See it before you get there. Google Maps (or Earth), zooms you down to see actual images of streets and places you will see in person soon.  Why not take a look around and be prepared?  Learn more…
  5. International Fees. Travel abroad and you might be surprised to learn Visa adds 3% on all your purchases!  Use Capital One’s No Hassle card to avoid these fees.  No annual fee, offers some rental car insurance, and can earn points/cash. (see their site for details).  Learn more…
  6. Speed through airport security. Clean up BEFORE you enter the security line.  Place your cell, wallet, coins, and other items in a bag or carry-on luggage before entering the security line. Now just walk up, place your bags on the scanner, and walk through.  On the other end, you can grab your bags and walk on, later re-locating things.
  7. Watch your TV. Not home to see your favorite show?  Point your laptop to hulu.com to watch almost ALL major networking shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc.  For example, 24, Lost, SNL, and all the others. (free, but only works in the USA) Learn more…
  8. Check reviews. There is power in numbers.  Use tripadvisor.com to learn where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.  Others place their tips so you know what is best and what isn’t!
  9. Flying wisely. Use kayak.com or tripeedo.com to find the lowest rates.  They search other popular sites to give you an over-all view.  Use farecast.live.com to see forecasted flight rates to know when to buy.  Seatguru.com shows plus and minuses of every single seat on the plane.
  10. 28 Rules For Life I Learned On the Road

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