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How to Sync Two Computers

May 14th, 2009


Mac/Windows/Linux:  Dropbox syncs your files across two or more computers. This program makes it so easy!  Basically you have a “virtual” folder.  Anything you put in here is instantly copied to all the other computers.

Example: While traveling with your laptop, you make changes to a Word document.  When you get home, the document is there on your desktop computer with the updated changes.  No files to copy or wrong versions to worry about.

Don’t have your computer with you?  You can access all your files via Dropbox’s web interface anytime.  Need to send a large attachment?  You can share specific files with others via a direct link.

Dropbox helps your business send large files, synchronize remote workers, easy off-site backup, and recover deleted files.  This program is smart.

Watch the video tour: getdropbox.com/screencast

Getting Started
Visit getdropbox.com and click Download Dropbox. Choose Run to start the install.

Ready to sync to your second computer?  Just download and install there also and your ready!

Getting More…
Dropbox comes with 2GB of storage for free.  You can upgrade to 50GB for $9.99/mo or $99/yr.