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What’s Your Start Page?

July 15th, 2008

Use iGoogle start page to maximize your time.

What page do you first see when you open your browser?  For years I’ve used a blank start page so I can quickly go where I choose, without being distracted.  I’ve always considered the start page an important decision.

About three months ago I started using Google’s iGoogle page.  I love it.  You start with a default page full of “Gadgets” or, plugins.  You can add or edit these to your taste.  For example, a small box shows the weather,  and a few others show several news sites I read.  I especially love my task list right there.   This “splash page” shows everything I need in a clean, consistent method that really helps out.

To change your start page, or home page to iGoogle, simply visit www.google.com.  I recommend you register with Google first, or just go straight to the small iGoogle link at the top right of the screen.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu, and select Internet Options.  Click the Use Current button near the top. Hit OK.

That’s it!  Now, back on the iGoogle page, follow the onscreen instructions to setup your page to whatever your interests!  Photo Gallery? Wikipedia?  Quote of the Day?  You pick them!