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Does the sound of “VoIP” or “voice over IP” scare you?  Have you been interested, but think it’s just too complicated?  It really isn’t.  Follow a few simple steps below and you’ll be happy you did!  My grandparents are 600 miles away, and my cousin just left for Afghanistan.  Using a webcam with Skype, it’s like we’re all chatting around the same table.  No joke.

Getting Started

  1. If you want to do things right and make this as easy as possible, purchase a webcam with a built in mic.  I suggest the Logitech QuickCam Pro.  This takes a lot of hassle and wires out of the equation.  Any webcam will work – check your local office supply store.  Again, look for the mic built in.
  2. Download and install Skype for free at www.skype.com
  3. Ask your friends or family to do the same steps above
  4. Search for your friends in the Instant Message style chat tool to start communicating

If you’ve tried Skype before (been around for years), give it another whirl.  The newest version, 4.0, focuses on bandwidth improvements for a better video experience.

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