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(the spam we forward on to friends, that is)

Ever get forwarded emails about not buying gas on a certain day to help lower gas prices?  Or, that Microsoft and AOL are giving their money away and all you have to do is forward this email to 10 people? If you don’t, you’ll have bad “luck” for 3 months!  It’s all trash. For me, it’s SPAM.

Some are pretty good with their mystical bantering.  They’re often difficult to decipherer.  Here’s the best way to learn the truth:

Take some text from the subject line, or a few main words from the body, place quotes (” “s) around them, and search Google.  You should find many sites verifying the email, or refuting it.  For example, search “Barack Obama said that he had visited fifty-seven states” (http://tinyurl.com/6xrv3v)

www.snopes.com is a well known authority on these fakes.  If you see results from this site, they’re good. In fact, visit Snopes and click Hottest 25 Legends to see those top sellers.  See if you recognize any you may have innocently forwarded on.  Legit?  Or not?

Next time you get a wild email, verify it before you forward on.