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Before purchasing new gadgets, consider the following:

  1. Look for non-proprietary hardware. Meaning, you want to use it when, how and where you want without hardware restrictions of that manufacture.  When looking for an MP3 player or cell phone, look for devices that have standard USB ports, standard 3.5mm stereo jacks, etc. That way, if you misplace a cord, you can use one from another device.  Or, you won’t have to buy a separate car charger for each device.
  2. Look for built in wireless, or Bluetooth. Laptops, keyboards, mice, printers, electronic book readers, even memory for digital cameras, and much more, are including wireless or Bluetooth built in.  This means the manufacture is keeping up, and also means you’ll have more options for connecting with fewer cables.
  3. LCD vs. Plasma alone can be a confusing decision.  Here’s a great guide we found online that breaks down the differences and makes some recommendations.
  4. Search reviews online. If you’re not familiar with what you’re considering purchasing, check it out online.  There’s power in numbers and you want to know what they say about your product.  Head over to CNET.com, type in the name or exact model information, and you’ll hopefully have tons of reviews to let you know the good and the bad.

Have a gadget buying tip of your own?

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