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Paperless Office – Part II

March 18th, 2008

Not Printing (conventionally)
Another way to reduce paper is to stop printing.  Instead, print to PDFs. The free application below installs itself as a printer in your computer. Any page you could print can be saved as a PDF, or electronic document.

It’s cheaper (no ink/paper), faster, and most importantly, future reference is easy. I print to PDF any receipts of things I buy online. In a few seconds I can bring up any of them, even from years ago.

I store my PDFs in a receipts folder I created in My Documents. I sort them chronologically and of course, name them to include lots of key words so I can find them easily. (Eg. Bank of America Biz CC – 1.1.08.pdf)

Print office documents, email messages, images, web pages, etc. to a PDF file. This application is a must-have.

Install & Use – 
Download directly at: http://www.cutepdf.com/download/CuteWriter.exe (from www.cutepdf.com). The install should be a simple Next, Next, Next, Finish. Then just choose File and Print, as you normally would, and choose CutePDF as the printer. You should quickly get a Save As box. Move to your My Documents folder, name it, and save it!