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Paperless Office – Part I

March 13th, 2008

Step 1 – Scanning

Fujitsu makes a fast, self feeding scanner I just love.  While most scanners require several steps, this digitalizes documents into PDF with a single button. I started using this scanner about six months ago and can’t live without it. I scan everything: contracts, bank statements, letters, etc. Everything is scanned to PDF and then shredded.It really is as simple as this video shows:

We can order these or you can find them online pretty easy.  I have the ScanSnap S500 that is about $440 but they also have a smaller one, the S300 for about $275.  Both are double sided, self feeding, full color scanners.

I strongly suggest using this product. It is a great start to going paperless in your home or office.

More to come on this topic… It’s a favorite! 😉